The Incident at Rowley

Game 2: The Game's Afoot

After chasing down the ersatz Father Gregory and collaring him, Dean and Harry were summoned by the Sheriff to his office.  Once the detectives arrived, the Sheriff game them the lowdown: he knew that Father Gregory was a fraud, but he was placed there by the Feds as part of some secret witness program.  Grumbling about missed communication and developing a cover story for the gossips, the detectives left "Father" Gregory with the Sheriff.

The group did some more investigating, splitting up to canvas the town.  Chuckles and Harry went to the Church to further investigate – Chuckles was keenly interested in the collection plate while Harry was fascinated by the well-stocked liquor cabinet – whilst Sam and Dean went to the bank to talk with the manager.  While at the bank, Sam and Dean discovered something curious: apparently, the general store and boarding house both made deposits last week with exceptionally sharp gold coins.  Claiming them for evidence – and feeling spooked by the coins – Sam and Dean met back with Hart and Clubbs to plan a new course of action.

As Sam and Chuckles went back to the General store for further questions, Dean and Hart met with the local reporter.  Discovering her to be a very attractive motorcycle driving redhead, Dean and Harry had their trains of thought derailed.  After a meandering conversation regarding her background as a reporter, her father being a well-known geologist, and a noticable limp, Dean and Harry got another lead: odd driving patterns out by the outlying Fisher farm and the factory.

With the group in tow, the Fisher farm was visited first.  Discovering nothing out of the ordinary and chalking up the strange drivers with bootleggers, the detectives then went to the diner for dinner.  After meeting with the town's resident sawbones and exchanging cryptic conversation, the doctor paid for everyone's meal and left the diner.  

Heading to the factory after dinner, the detectives began canvassing the factory.  Finding nothing else out of place, the factory workers complained about similar late night driving.  As their concerns were being dismissed, it was brought to the detectives attention that the event just happened again a few minutes ago.  Marshalling up, they gave chase to find the source of the odd driving.

As the detectives tracked the car to the marshlands east of town, they discovered a small dock with a rowboat on each shore of the peninsula.  Making their way across the bay towards the fire in the distance, the detectives stealthed up to the light…and quickly wished they did not.  

A mysterious figure matching the description of the man from town was chanting over a bonfire in an unknown language.  Sam became spooked, having flashbacks to the incident a decade ago, while Dean and Clubbs moved up to get a shot.  As they did, a bolt of lightning came from out of nowhere, causing the fire to turn black for a moment.  Dean immediately opened fire, with Clubbs, Hart, and Spade following suit.  The mysterious figure was able to dodge the gunfire momentarily, but was felled by a shot from Clubbs.

As the individuals were looted, Sam sent Hart and Clubbs out to get water to put out the flames while Sam and Dean searched the body.  Discovering a mysterious envelope with a cryptic message, the detectives shared a knowing look: this event was just beginning, and things were about to get very weird and very bad.  

As Hart and Clubbs returned with the water, Sam and Dean hid the contents found on the body and began putting out the flames, discovering that the Rowley Rock was shattered into 20 pieces by the lightning bolt…and had odd platinum veins throughout the fragments.  Hart noticed they may form a pattern, but he was able to determine what it would be.

Loading up the boat and making multiple trips, Clubbs discovered that another individual made their way from the peninsula to the mainland…and slashed all their tires as their vehicle was heard in the distance.  The detectives did not have time to contemplate the actions though, as an unnatural fog swept throughout the area, bringing a tropical climate and odd bird screeching with it as the waters grew unnaturally still.

Taking the body and as much as the rock with them as they could and locking the rest in the car, the detectives traveled back to the factory on foot.  Discovering nothing immediately amiss with the factory – which put Sam on edge – the detectives commandeered a truck and made their way to town.  Waking the sawbones doctor met earlier – and avoiding the large amounts of cats milling about –  the detectives and the doctor had a frank discussion.  Sam and Dean were cautiously hopeful as the doctor seemed to have a grasp of the occult aspects of the instance – ni fact, he intimated he knew more than they did on the situation – while Hart and Clubbs grew increasingly agitated at being left in the dark.

Leaving the body with the doctor and heading back for a few hours of sleep (with the rock fragments in tow), the detectives slept in shifts – or would have, if Clubbs on the first watch did not fall fast asleep.  With Dean and Sam waking early – and being annoyed with Clubbs falling asleep – they woke the detectives and took inventory of their funds and gear.  Determining a need to obtain better armament – much to the confusion of Hart and Clubbs – the detectives traveled to Newbury Port the following morning.  

Obtaining a cache of ammunition, new clothes, and more weapons, the detectives headed back to Rowley.  En Route, Hart mentioned to Clubbs that the veterans were acting strangely and seemed to be dressing and acting like they were gearing up to go to war.  Sam and Dean did nothing to dissuade that statement, but played evasive with information when pushed.  

Arriving back at Rowley, they went to the Doctor's house for the autopsy report at the agreed upon time.  As the doctor arrived, he entered into a blind panic as he noticed all 72 of his cats were missing.  In a panic, he demanded the detectives find all of his cats before he gave them any more information.  Hart and Clubbs dismissed the doctor as a crazy kook, but were shocked when Sam and Dean took him seriously and began asking about the significance of the cats.

 As Sam began filling the rookies in on their new task of finding the cats – and providing them with no other background information – they canvassed the town's water areas looking for the cats, expecting them to be drowned.  Recovering their vehicle and returning the borrowed truck to the factory, the detectives were not having any luck with the cats, but did run into Mrs Morse.  Demanding any information about the Rowley Rock, Dean evasively answered her question with the "pending investigation" angle, and the detectives quickly left to head back to the doctor.

As Sam, Hart, and Clubbs were discussing the situation with the doctor, Dean was distracted by the sound of the Reporter's motorcyle approaching.  Struck by the overlooked information – she was obviously smart if she graduated Harvard at age 18, and with a geologist father she was a potential source of information – Dean snuck away to meet up with the reporter.  Finding her in complete disarray and in shock, Dean flagged over the detectives for help.

As Sam calmed her down, she relayed what she found:  she left for the Fisher farm to investigate a series of dead cows that popped up overnight…and found one of the Fisher kids killed in a grotesque fashion.  As Hart and Diamond took her to her house and offered to post a watchman, she politely declined the offer and stated she would be fine after a hot bath and some breakfast.

Meeting back up with the other detectives, Hart and Clubbs confronted Sam and Dean about the events that transpired.  With Sam dropping the hint that Clubbs' may see some real dark magic compared to the Salem sideshows, the detectives debated their course of action: investigate the Fisher Farm, try to find the missing cats, or deliver the busted rock to Mrs Morse and calling it a day.



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