New Edges and Hindrances


Glass Jaw (Minor):  Your hero doesn't handle physical pain and injury well.  He suffers a -2 penalty on all soak rolls.

Low Class (Minor):  While others may be born of low society, it is obvious that this investigator is not far removed from their bad upbringing.  The investigator receives a -2 modifier to Charisma except among others of similar stature.  The investigator may reduce or eliminate this status over the course of game play by expending a leveling opportunity to eliminate this Hindrance at Seasoned or any time thereafter.  This hero may not take the Noble Edge.

Milquetoast (Major):  This investigator believes firmly in the sanctity of their mind and body, and recovers slowly from shock and trauma.  They suffer a -2 penalty to Spirit rolls to recover from being Shaken.  The investigator may use a level up once he reaches Seasoned or any time thereafter to eliminate this Hindrance.

Unusual Lineages/Looks (Minor):  The investigator's appearance looks a bit off.  Whether it's their eyes being set too close together, the slight webbing between their fingers, or a sallow appearance, people are uncomfortable around them.  The investigator suffers a -2 Charisma modifier except with others sharing their lineage.


Background Edges

Flexible Thinker
Requirements:  Novice, WC, Spirit d8+
The hero is comfortable with thinking outside of the box, and ignores 1 point of madness penalties.

Very Flexible Thinker
Requirements:  Seasoned, Flexible Thinker
Your hero spends more time out of the box than in, and ignores 2 points of madness penalties.

Requirements:  Novice, WC, Spirit d8+
When forced to make Spirit rolls due to mental trauma, the investigator ignores their madness penalties.  This only applies to Spirit rolls called for by these tables.  He still suffers from madness modifiers for other Trait rolls normally.

Very Jaded
Requirements:  Veteran, Jaded
If your hero critically fails a spirit roll on the Mentail Trauma table, roll a die.  On an odd result, he passes out for d6 hours, but suffers no sanity loss.

Requirements:  Novice, Spirit d8+
The hero recovers from madness quicker than most.  They gain a +2 to all Spirit rolls to eliminate madness.

Requirements:  Novice, Smarts d10+
Whether highly educated, well-read, or simply in touch with their surroundings, this investigator seems to know a little bit about everything, and can readily call upon that knowledge when needed.  This investigator makes Common Knowledge rolls without penalty.

Requirements:  Novice, Fighting d8+
Whether a trained boxer, a street-fighting brawler, or a dedicated martial artist, this hero has been in his share of fights and knows how to handle himself.  He is not treated as an unarmed defender, and his unarmed attacks do Str + d4.

Well Adjusted
Requirements:  Novice, Spirit d6+, Smarts d6+
Your investigator is the down-to-earth sort, who keeps things in perspective and manages to contend with whatever life has to throw their way.  Increase his Sanity by +1


Professional Edges

Requirements:  Novice, Smarts d8+, Healing d8+
This investigator is a skilled medical doctor, and adds +2 to all their Healing rolls.  Up to five companions traveling with a doctor add the bonus to their natural healing rolls as well.

Requirements:  Novice, Smarts d8+, Repair d8+, Knowledge (Engineering) d8+
This hero adds +2 to Repair rolls.  With a raise, he halves the time normally required for the repair.

Requirements:  Novice, Smarts d8+
This investigator gains half their Smarts die in languages, and may decipher and communicate in unfamiliar languages with a Smarts roll.  Should the Keeper rule the an encountered language is exotic or rare, this roll is made at a -4.  Each additional time this Edge is taken, select two additional languages.

Requirements:  Novice, Knowledge (Psychology) d8+, Spirit d8+
Your hero is trained in dealing with the irrational mind and receives a +2 to all Knowledge (Psychology) rolls.  Up to five companions traveling with a psychotherapist add this bonus to their mental recuperation rolls as well.  A psychotherapist may also use their talents to eliminate indefinite insanities


Legendary Edges

Requirements:  Legendary
Your hero has seen and done things that would drive lesser men mad.  Increase their Sanity by +1

Very Determined
Requirements:  Legendary, Determined
Increase your investigator's Sanity by an additional +1.

New Edges and Hindrances

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